Bylong Valley Protection Alliance Inc, Bylong NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Change to mining policy

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are writing in SUPPORT of the proposed removal of Clause 12AA from the State Environmental Planning Policy.

The removal of 12AA will ensure a more balanced approach to mining project assessment.

We have always seen 12AA as an inappropriate, reactive and high handed response to the blocking by the courts of the proposed Warkworth coal mine expansion, designed to effectively allow it to proceed regardless. Removal of 12AA simply restores what existed immediately prior to its introduction, namely a more ā€oetriple bottom lineā€¯ approach, giving equal weight of consideration to environmental, social and economic factors. It is only by taking the need for such a balance seriously that credibility can be restored to - and faith reinvested in - the planning process in NSW, especially with respect to the fraught issue of mining versus other land uses.

We commend the Minister for his efforts and look forward to 12AA's repeal.

Yours faithfully,

Secretary, Bylong Valley Protection Alliance