Greg Andrews , of  Killara NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Change to mining policy

Clause 12AA of the Mining SEPP, was introduced in November 2013 to require the consent authority to make the consideration of the relative significance of the resource and the economic benefits of developing the resource, both to the State and the region in which the development is proposed to be carried out the principal consideration in its assessment of a mining development application. This provision was always totally inconsistent with the actual objects of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act. In particular, it was inconsistent with sections 5(a) (i), (ii), Vi) and (vii) of the Act. The citizens of NSW expect their government to enact laws that provide for and protect the complex needs of the existing community as well as preserving and protecting our environment for future generations.Ecologically sustainable development that achieves those goals is fine. The objects of the EP&A Act are a fair and noble guide to meeting these aspirations and should be honoured. The current clause 12AA in practice negated these important considerations and goals of development. At last common sense has prevailed. The repeal of this provision is long overdue.