Antony Lewis , of  Stanhope Gardens NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Change to mining policy

I will start by simply saying I support the proposed changes.
I personally believe that mining sector dominance of our society is detrimental and stifling to other sectors of the economy.
I work in the food manufacturing industry in Western Sydney as an engineer. I am well aware that a major contributor to the high AUD exchange rate is the mining sector and large volume of commodity export this represents. A major issue a higher AUD exchange is that it makes other industries internationally uncompetitive. In the food industry this relates more imports of processed food products and off-shoring of manufacturing industries.
In other sectors this makes our tourism industry less competitive and gives the impression that our labour rate is expensive. This is only so in international comparisons taking into account an inflated exchange rate.
I am not an economist but have included two papers from The Australia Institute that talk to this issue.
So from an economic point of view I wish to call for rigor and peer review of economic modelling and conclusions on the benefit side of mining projects. For too long, the postulated benefits do not seem to have required scrutiny by environmental economists in the both short and longer term.
I do believe this negative economic impact from the mining sector has a large social effect on the general community as well, making many non-mining sector enterprise economically nonviable.
Finally, the current remediation of the environment after mining activities is at best described as poor. Often mining companies claim they can afford remediation unless they are doing more mining. Sorry - this is not correct, they claim they can afford the remediation in their original proposals and monies should be accrued from mining start up under a lien to ensure works can be done. I would also add that to assume that turning a big hole into a green pasture is not making good on the environment and to return mining sites to mature ecosystems required decades of work and ongoing management.
In summary, I will reiterate that I support the proposed changes and feel that highly detailed justification should occur with a balance on the environmental, social and economic benefits should occur with the precautionary principle applied to minimise risk.