Morgan Morgan , of  Surry Hills NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Change to mining policy

"The draft amendment seeks to remove the provisions that make resource significance the principal consideration when determining a mining application".

Actually - and rather ironically - resource significance should be the primary consideration; if not for the fact at - obviously - our public servants and politicians do not consider AIR, WATER and EARTH (for food production) to be a "RESOURCE". Hence, the draft amendment should clearly state which definition should be applied to terms used within policies - because public servants and politicians always apply the MONEY definition.

RESOURCE - a stock or supply of MONEY or a country's collective means of supporting itself.

Cannot support yourself without clean AIR, WATER and EARTH (including for food production).

Had "the government" applied the latter definition of "resource", "the government" would acknowledge that the elements essential to life - clean AIR, WATER, EARTH (including for FOOD production) are the principle resources. As too, that healthy human beings are a resource - whereas sick human beings are a drain on the economy (no offence meant to persons who are ill). Without clean AIR, WATER and EARTH (including for food production), we all die; thus those aforementioned resources should always be the "principle consideration" when determining a mining application - rather than the resource "stock or supply of MONEY".