Elisabeth Mortimer , of  Bowraville NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Change to mining policy

I am writing to say that I support with all my heart the repeal of the, "resource significance" clause (12AA), in the NSW Mining SEPP. This repeal will protect communities and the environment from misguided mining decisions, which were only made to keep Mining Companies happy.
Please also consider repealing clause 12AB which prevents the PAC from imposing stricter air quality and noise control, than the regulation sets out, and ditching the, "Major Projects Offset Policy' tat will permit miners Rio Tinto to get away with clearing the vanishing precious Warkworth Sands Woodland for ever for a mine.
It is currently NADOC week and I urge you to listen to our First People who revered this Sacred Land.
Also as a Catholic i urge you to heed the words of Pope Francis to care for our world.
Thank you.