(Name withheld) , of  Warriewood NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Change to mining policy

To change this part of the Extractive Industries SEPP is common sense. The life and welfare of residents already living in an area which could be affected in any way by mining should be the first consideration in granting a licence, or not.
Residents living inland from the Central Coast and near coal mines are renown for having a higher than normal incidence of chest problems caused by particulate matter from the coal industry.

This is not a fair exchange for export earnings, from a commodity which is then is burned and fills the air in another country with pollution where more people get chest complaints.
Also carefully consider -- not just " tick a box" consideration-- the natural environment, social welfare of residents in nearby towns and villages and communities such as Bulga, and the Aboriginal culture and their connection with their land such a the Leard State Forest , before granting any licences and when drafting any legislation--all these are more important than short term profit for giant mining companies.
Then there is coal seam gas mining. That is a blight on the landscape and for mining companies to be able to come onto properties without permission just because they paid for an exploration licence should be illegal.

People before profit.