Matthew Stanton , of  East Kurrajong NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Change to mining policy

This is my personal submission to the draft changes proposed for the State Environmental Planning Policy (Mining, Petroleum Production and Extractive Industries) 2007 (Mining SEPP).

I support the proposed changes to the Mining SEPP (removal of part 12AA) as a good first step in correcting a gross imbalance in the mining assessment process. A mine only operates for a limited time period, however, the environmental consequences can last indefinitely. Therefore I believe that environmental and social considerations should actually outweigh the inevitably short term economic considerations.
In particular, I hope the government will give consideration to further improvements in the Mining SEPP by explicitly ensuring that a mine cannot impact Critically Endangered ecological communities or species.

Part 12AB also seems counter productive for improving our environment and living conditions. Perhaps that would be good to repeal also.

There are many other aspects of environmental law that should be fixed to ensure that we only extract resources that are essential and will not continue the extinction event that has been ongoing on our continent since 1788.

Thank you for accepting my submission.

Matthew Stanton