(Name withheld) , of  Kiama NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Change to mining policy

I support the proposed amendment to the Planning Policy governing mining and agree that social, environmental and economic considerations should all have equal footing under the rules governing mining approvals. In fact I was very shocked to learn that economic factors had been considered more important as all factors including health and safety as well as immediate and long term environmental issues need to be considered when making decisions about mining. It is no benefit to a community to have short term financial gain if members especially children have negative health effects which may be caused by mining. I am particularly concerned about coal seam gas mining which appears to be causing illness amongst the most vulnerable members of society. If we do not know for sure the long term effects of such exploration then it is morally irresponsible to allow such projects to proceed. We are all more aware nowadays of such matters and unfortunately companies with vested interests have not always been truthful about the health effects of their proposed projects. The Government has a duty to examine all issues and research health impacts.

The public are generally fed up with the corruption that has existed in the past with granting mining approvals eg the former NSW Government Ministers MacDonald and Obeid etc. It is very discouraging to learn of the political donations made by companies who are seeking approval of mining applications or indeed any developmental process.

I want to see decisions made by the Government who represent the people that are based on what is best for the people not on how much money a company is donating to the political party in charge.

I actually find it hard to believe at times that the year is 2015 as our current Government both Federal and State seem to be living still in the past century. We should not be even considering any coal mining or coal seam gas mining. These are past, dirty, polluting, unhealthy industries which have long term negative health and environmental effects.

Australia should and could be leading the world in solar and renewable energy research and development. Fortunately, the rest of the world is waking up to this, but it is embarrassing to witness Australian Government attitudes and we will just be left behind if we don't act soon.

Thank you