Glenn Levick , of  Charlestown NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Proposed criteria for category A5 port certifiers

I cannot see any reason why the Category of A5 should be restricted to engineers. Complex building projects are routinely controlled by A1 certifiers who are not engineers and that involve input from engineers. There is no reason why the same system cannot operate effectively in the ports situation for unclassifiable structures.
The restriction to engineers is ludicrous when you consider that the alternative to an A5 accredited certifier will be the local council officers who for all intents and purposes have lesser qualifications and experience than that required to practice as a private A1 or A2 certifier.
There would be some equity issues here, however I do not choose to go any further down that path at this point.
"Private Certifiers are needed to facilitate efficient, cost-effective development at the state's three main ports" so the blurb says in the BPB "Proposed criteria for category A5 port certifiers: Frequently asked questions." However this is not going to be achieved by restricting this category to engineers, so I am proposing that this category be also opened to A1 certifiers.