Brendan Bennett , of  Sydney NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Proposed criteria for category A5 port certifiers

I support the removal of the restrictive development criteria under the Three Port Codes concerning unclassifiable structures. However I am of the view that the creation of an A5 Ports Certifier is completely unnecessary for the following reasons:
1. Building Surveyors are the appropriate professionals who the required skills and expertise to issue building approvals regardless of the structure being classifiable or unclassifiable.
2. The design complexity of an unclassifiable structure is no more complex than a classifiable structure and requires no additional expertise in terms of issuing a building approval.
3. Engineers are not Building Surveyors and have not been professionally trained in respect to issuing building approvals. The provision of a short course is not an appropriate substitute to years of experience and expertise in this field held by Building Surveyors.
4. The specialty nature of an unclassifiable structure would have impact on the design process of the structure rather than impacting on the building approval process.
5. Many of the structures identified in the BPB media release would be considered classifiable structures and therefore there is the potential for disagreement as to what category certifier would apply when it is completely unnecessary to have any delineation in this regard.