Tan Ma , of  ROSSMORE NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Proposed criteria for category A5 port certifiers

Property Owners Name: Thanh Tan Ma & Thi Thanh Tu Ma
Address: 243 McCann Rd Rossmore NSW 2557
Mobile (Tan): 0411-152 865
Email: ivivax29@gmail.com

To Whom It May Concern,

We are the property owner of 243 McCann Rd Rossmore.
Upon the release of the drafted Leppington precinct plan in November this year, I would like to submit my proposal to contribute to the growth and future of this development.

We bought this property with a fully fenced double storey house, swimming pool, a shed and land for market garden plus a bonus of the creek running along our backyard so we can utilise the water from the creek for our market garden business.

We have developed a farm on vegetation and dragon fruit trees for the natural growth of organic fruits and vegetables.

We plan to live on this property for the rest of our lives and hope to build our lives within this community and provide the community with local fresh produced fruits & vegetables.

Within the Draft Indicative Layout Plan (IPL) released last month, my house has been selected to build a drainage for the local community. As mentioned above, I wish to retain my house, a shed and my fruit and vegetables farm. However to contribute to the community, we are happy for you to use my other parts of my property (as indicated on the diagram attached) for the local drainage.

I hope you take the above factors into consideration to incorporate this into the future plan for the Leppington precinct and hope our proposal will bring about a positive change for my family and the future grow in this community.

Thanks & Regards,
Tan Ma