(Name withheld) , of  Lilyfield NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Proposed criteria for category A5 port certifiers

As a consulting materials handling engineer (NPER Mechanical) familiar with the design and operation of conveyors, shiploaders, stacker-reclaimers, stackers and reclaimers, I found the Schedule 2 Accreditation Statement for Category A5 to be inconsistent specifically in the requirements for 5 Conveyors, 13 Stacker-Reclaimers.. and 12 Shiploaders... I think accreditation should include both structural and mechanical engineers for areas 5,12 and 13, not just one or the other. This complex equipment includes a combination of mechanical equipment and supporting structures. Assessment of mobile machines (shiploaders, stackers-reclaimers, stackers or reclaimers) may require good knowledge of AS4324 which is largely a structural code. Happy to be contacted on 0401143660 to discuss.