Harry Williams , of  Mayfield NSW, made the following submission on the project:

State Environmental Planning Policy (Infrastructure) Amendment (Light Rail) 2013

Below is part of the amendment statement.
"to clarify planning pathways related to light rail by including light rail purposes within the definition of rail infrastructure facilities".
The implications of this broad statement are extremely far reaching. I fear that it alludes only to the Newcastle spur line raiil corridor. If the department was in any way fair dinkum this proposal would include all of the rail lines that span the Lower Hunter. There are lines to Jesmond, Charlestown, Wallsend, Cessnock and the list goes on. There are also a myriad of disused industrial lines that criss-cross Newcastle and the lower Hunter. But I believe that besides the Newcastle rail corridor, none of the above are in contention for removal/upgrade.
It's a shame that money speaks a lot louder than the people or that there are those that know what is best for a community who are not even memebers of it.