Kerry Fagan , of  Newcastle NSW, made the following submission on the project:

State Environmental Planning Policy (Infrastructure) Amendment (Light Rail) 2013

I take this opportunity to comment on the proposed light rail for Newcastle.

A light rail for Newcastle is the second best option for the city and for the Hunter region; retaining the rail service without necessitating a change being the optimal option. However, IF it is to be a light rail into the east end of Newcastle then this rail SHOULD use the existing rail corridor. To contemplate running trams along Hunter street, together with bicycle lanes, ‘parklets’ and cars, is a bad plan as anyone who has to use Hunter Street knows. The need for cars in the CBD will increase as the population increases. Parking is and will remain a major issue for Newcastle. The lack of parking already deters residents from the outlying areas coming into the city and foreshore when this should be the ‘heart’ of this great city and, with good planning, still could be.
Under a forward thinking and enlightened plan, if light rail is operating in the city, then it would be extended into other regions where it is much needed and could eliminate buses from roads i.e. light rail needs to be extended to include John Hunter hospital, Williamtown airport , Merewether, Adamstown and Glendale, to start with.

Newcastle is unique and has great potential to become better, if only we had visionary planners and politicians who were prepared to give us a good public transport system.