Edward Lyon , of  maroubra  NSW, made the following submission on the project:

State Environmental Planning Policy (Infrastructure) Amendment (Light Rail) 2013

My wife and I wish to object to the light rail proposals on the following points:
1. Will take up too much space on already overcrowded roads.

2. Will add to the congestion on the roads on which the light rail is proposed to run.

3. Will NOT take the place of all the buses. Rail capacity will NOT eliminate buses. Buses will still need to operate on these routes.

4. Will light rail stop as frequently as buses?

5. In the event of a break down, no facility for overtaking.

6. Should not run along the centre of the road, unless on a dedicated light rail corridor e.g. Anzac Parade central strip.
This cannot be provided from Alison Rd to Kingsford.

7. Running in the centre of the road would cause more congestion for motorists as pedestrian lights would have to be installed at rail stops to enable pedestrians to cross the road safely.

8. People living south of Kingsford will be required to change from a bus to rail at Kingsford and then change again if they require to go to Oxford St, Liverpool, or Elizabeth St. in the City.
Why would people do this instead of ONE BUS all the way?
Is there going to be a large rail/bus/car park at Kingsford?

9. It should be remembered that when trams did run from La Perouse to the City, there were far fewer cars and people.
When the population and cars increased it was for this reason that the trams were removed. My wife well remembers this situation.

In our opinion a better option would be to extend the heavy rail from Bondi Junction through Randwick, servicing Prince of Wales Hospital, UNSW, Kingsford, Maroubra Junction and returning via the airport.