Kaye Monro , of  Scone NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Upper Hunter Strategic Assessment

Dear Sir,I cannot see that this Assessment will help the residents of the already degraded Hunter Valley.You must understand that this and previous NSW governments repeatedly ignore the opinions of the average Hunter resident who has nothing to do with mining.Only coal mines opinions count.You must also understand that people like me do NOT trust the two major parties to make unbiased ,independent decisions when we know that the fossil fuel industry and the minerals council dictate policy.As the corruption inquiries are showing,there is too much money at stake for the state government to make decisions with optimum environmental outcomes.We need tougher planning guidelines.I think that mining decisions should be taken out of the states control and given to the Federal government. Climate change,largely resulting from the GHG emissions from Hunter coal mines(just read their figures)is one of the largest threats to Biodiversity .The damage done by coal mines under this proposed plan will have a cumulative impact that will impact biodiversity for a lot longer than the 25-year horizon that this weak plan addresses.