(Name withheld) , of  Gladesville NSW, made the following submission on the project:

Upper Hunter Strategic Assessment

RE: Strategic Assessment of Biodiversity Plan

Dear Sir or Madame,

My submission is with regards to the Draft Terms of Reference for the above planning documents forming an agreement between the Commonwealth and New South Wales governments.

My comments are based on my interests in the environment developed through a study of Environmental Engineering at the University of New South Wales, and my membership of BirdLife Australia which encompasses a hobby as a bird-watcher and ornithologist. I am a regular visitor to the Upper Hunter region with a family residence at Kerrabee Homestead, which is a Guesthouse located on Bylong Valley Way.

The nature of the agreement in that habitat for threatened species is protected and conserved through identification of environmentally significant areas is important to extend to measures to mitigate impacts to the environment through development planning processes. The measures to avoid, mitigate and offset impacts to the environment are essential to maintain biodiversity whilst planning to manage the resources of the region in a sustainable manner.

For important reference in the development of biodiversity planning for resource managers in the region, BirdLife Australia manages an Atlas system for bird species throughout Australia, with relevance to the Upper Hunter. This can be useful in identifying species within the strategic area of the plan and manage development processes to maintain diversity in the region. Practices of BirdLife such as tree-planting in the Capertee Valley are measures that are relevant to the planning that can be developed to off-set any development impacts on habitat.

Ensuring the biodiversity of the region, will maintain an environment that allows bird life to be appreciated by our community, whilst resources are managed effectively into the future.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the planning process.


Name withheld